The Beatles Brighton Hippodrome 1964

Extract from the Evening Argus Monday 26 October 1964.

‘Beatlemania hit Brighton again last night’

At the Hippodrome the four mop-haired idols sang, danced and ducked their way through two stormy performances. Nearly 4,000 frenzied teenage fans went wild with predictable hysteria as the shiny-suited Beatles came on stage. Things began to fly. First, there was the usual hall of jelly babies thrown with accuracy by the screaming girls. Then dolls by the score, programmes, toilet-rolls and screwed-up paper messages cascaded into the floodlights. John ducked, Paul cleared stamping room on stage, George looked defiant and drummer Ringo just carried on regardless. But when wild-eyed hysterical girls rushed down the aisles and started hurling themselves at the stage until the police stepped in. They formed a human barrier in front of the orchestra pit to stop souvenir-hungry fans.

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