Top 10 City Breaks

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Barcelona is the ideal city for anyone looking to wander along, soaking up the atmosphere of each distinct neighbourhood and explore some of the city’s most gorgeous spaces.

Rome, combine Roman antiquities, museums, fine restaurants and buzzing bars for the perfect city break.

Lisbon is known for its colourful vintage trams and coastal hills lined with pastel-tinted houses.

Paris is an alluring destination for a city break. From its chic shops and fashionable cafes, to its famous museums and iconic sights.

Athens a city of legends a place to delve into ancient history and to be immersed in exciting contemporary culture.

Milan home to cutting-edge fashion, grand Gothic cathedrals and world-class football stadiums, a cultural powerhouse and one of the most popular cities in Italy.

Istanbul's amazing mix of cosmopolitan chic and old-world charm. The only metropolis in the world to sit on two continents, bridging Europe and Asia.

Seville explore the historical city centre by day, and make your way to the many bustling tapas restaurants, cafes and late-night bars at night.

Marrakech experience the sights, sounds, flavours and energy of one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

Venice means immersing yourself in its unique atmosphere, get lost in its narrow streets. Then figure out where you are, and get lost all over again!

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